Wisdom tooth

Last week I already had 3 dental colleagues in my chair, because they experience complaints to their wisdom teeth.

The most common question: why do I suddenly suffer from my wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth break through between the ages of 16-18. This is often accompanied by pain in the wan gen ear region.  Often the tooth molars grow straight through and it is easy to keep clean. In most cases, there is not much going on and the molars can remain in the mouth. After fully coming through, the pain disappears. 

But when should they get out?

You can have the wisdom teeth removed preventively, at the moment that they already break through in the jaw. There are then factors that weigh up when making this decision. 

If you visit the dentist at the annual check-up, he will take a panoramic X-ray at an appropriate time. If the wisdom tooth is not in the appropriate positive and there is no room that it can break through further, it is wise to have them removed. Ditz already as time cause discomfort

Angulated position

Angulated position

If a wisdom tooth breaks through properly, it happens that the back of the molar is still covered with gums. Over time, bacteria crawl under this patch of gums and become severely inflamed. This is called pericoronitis




You have severe facial and oral swelling
You cannot open your mouth fully or your tongue is swelling more
feeling unwell, excessively tired, or have a fever
feel your glands (lymph nodes) in your neck might sore or swollen
have been using an antibacterial mouthwash strictly (as detailed above) for 5 days with no improvement what to do: 
visit the dentist for care and cure. 

What to do?

visit the dentist for care and cure.