DentalZorg and Digital Dental Technology

Dentalzorg stands for Development

Since the foundation of our organization 30 years ago we have always been striving for development. Where our core service was only focused on dentures and dental technique, we now grew into a dental clinic which provides all disciplines underneath one roof.

During all these years the dental world made a lot of positive developments. A lot has changed with the arrival of the digital area, but DentalZorg never stayed back. In order to guarantee the best dental care for our patients we only work with professional high-end equipment.

3d ct-scan-min

3D CT Scan

The 3D CT Scanner is also called ‘Cone Beam Computer Tomography’ (CBCT) and is a must for every dental clinic. It is a special kind of X-ray equipements when regular dental or facial x-rays are not sufficient. This scanner makes it possible to observe the teeth and jaw from every angle. The 3D CT scan is mainly used for treatments related to implantology, This technology is also useful for orthodontics an endodontics. Through the CT scan detailed images of the bone and jaw are provided and much more

Digital Smile Design-min

Digital Smile Design

With the digital smile design dentistry evolved to the next level. With the help of photos and 3d videos you can design your own teeth together with the dentist. A full digital scan will display your teeth on the screen. Digital adjustments in shape, color and set-up can be seen straight away. Listening to your needs and desires, the dentist will design the model as such. Before, it was only possible to see the definite results after the treatment, sometimes causing disappointments. Now the results can be seen prior to the treatment. All of this to match your dental needs.


Digital X-ray photos

Complications and pain complaints cannot always be detected by the dentist. Sometimes the dentist needs more insight regarding the inner part of the tooth and/or gum. X-ray photo’s help to attain this information and helps tracking caries or tooth decay. We only work with digital x-ray equipment in order to reduce speed and to guarantee a low radiation dose. In some cases an overview of all teeth is necessary. In such a case panaroma X-ray photos are taken. In these photos the dentist has an overview of the teeth in whole.

Intraorale xray sensor-min

Intraoral X-ray Sensors

This is a small device which captures high quality images in the mouth. Because of it being small, gagging, bad taste of the impression material or restricted breathing are in many cases history. A few seconds is enough for it to capture the images needed. The digital images captured by these sensors are archived on the spot into your personal dossier. The intraoral X-ray sensor is used when more detailed information of a specific area in the mouth has to be examined.

A digital world of dentistry

DentalZorg’s Vision

“Our vision is to become a household name in dentistry for providing all possible dental treatments accessible to everyone. A dental environment where all our dental activities are interrelated with the digital world.”

Digital dentistry is the new dentistry. A world in which technology play a key role. Come and experience the world of new dentistry in our dental clinics across the globe.

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