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Dear client, We always strive to provide optimal oral care for our patients. We make every effort to take into account the wishes and expectations of each individual patient.

We also strive for complete transparency about the process of providing oral care to our patients. In this light, we would like to hear your opinion and experiences through this survey. You can complete this survey anonymously. We appreciate your cooperation and thank you in advance.

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  • Care and Expertise
  • Information and education
  • Treatment and result
  • The practice and accessibility
  • General final assessment of the practice.

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Care and Expertise

I had a treatment at the

How did you experience the treatment? Please tick whichever applies

I was treated well by the dentist. He/she is an expert in his/her field.

I was treated well by the dental hygienist. He/she is an expert in his/her field.

I am satisfied with the result of the treatment

I am treated in the practices of Dentalzorg with sufficient care and attention.

I was treated well by the prevention assistant. He/she is an expert in his/her field.


The dentist has informed me sufficiently about the proposed treatment.

The dentist has suggested and explained sufficient treatment alternatives to me.

The dentist has given me enough space to think along about the treatment.


I received sufficient explanation in advance about the approach of the treatment.

I was asked in advance to agree to the proposed treatment.

The dentist has informed me sufficiently about possible complications of the treatment.

I received sufficient explanation about the treatment costs.

I am well informed about how I can file a complaint.

Treatment and result

I am satisfied with the treatment results.

The dentist has taken sufficient account of my personal wishes.

The dentist made enough effort to relieve my pain.

I received sufficient advice and instructions on how to maintain my teeth on a daily basis.

Sufficient hygiene is used in the treatment room.


The practice is easily accessible.

The waiting room has a neat appearance.

De bereikbaarheid

DentalZorg is easily accessible by phone.

In an emergency I can quickly make an appointment.

I am given ample opportunity to choose an appointment date and time myself.

Final Results

The customer-friendliness of the care provider and the employees.

The dental treatment by the healthcare providers.

The working atmosphere between the dentist and assistant.

Final grade

Other comments

My assessment may be placed on ZorgkaartNederland. Posting will be anonymous. We do need your name and e-mail address. We would also like to receive a substantiation of your appreciation. You can put it in the comment box.