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30 years of experience in dentures

One of our specializations is the manufacturing, maintaining and repairing of dental prostheses, i.e. artificial dentures in Amsterdam Noord and in Zaandam. We have more than 30 years of experience in this field.

We are equipped with a dental laboratory in all of our practices which means that we can execute all of this on our own. For you as a patient there are lots of benefits in this.

  • We are not dependent of other parties. This way, we can fully focus on your dental care and treatment.
  •  Our suppliers are based in The Netherlands. Therefore we are very flexible and we can provide professional tailor-made solutions at short notice.
  • The speed in which we can help you. After measuring, we immediately start with manufacturing your denture.
  • You decide in consultation with us the preferred shape, color and size of your new teeth.
  • We will help you the same day with repairing or rebasing your new denture. In most cases you can wait for this.

When is a denture needed?

This question can only be answered after a check-up by the dentist. This also depends on the health and condition of your teeth. A dentist will never pull healthy teeth. This is ethically not justified. The more unhealthy teeth to pull, the more likely it is that you need a denture.

DentalZorg provides the most sustainable, professional and appropriate solution for every situation when it comes to right dentures. This way, we can perfectly match your wishes to the end result. Think of the color, shape and the choice of a complete or partial denture.

We understand better than anyone that a switch to dentures can be a very big step. Therefore it is very important that you are well informed in advance. You can enquire more information with us about the treatment, costs and implementation of dentures by telephone or via chat, An appointment / consultation with the dentist is always necessary to determine the complete analysis.

Types of dentures

Complete Dentures

A complete denture replaces all teeth. It can only go up or down as long as all teeth are pulled from the same row. A denture is the complete solution for the replacement of your teeth. It will ensure a nice view of your teeth; you can chew and laugh again. A complete denture is not always the only solution in.

Partial Dentures

If you didn’t lose all your teeth, then you can choose for a partial denture. This is a plastic prosthesis with a frame of steel. This is a powerful and durable option, but higher in price category. Choosing the right partial dentures starts with the condition of the teeth you have left.

Immediate Dentures

In the past you were not immediately fitted with your new dentures. As a result, it could happen that you lived without teeth and a denture for a few months. Nowadays it is possible to be appointed with an immediate prosthesis, at which you will get your first denture straight after pulling the last teeth.

We Will Start Right Away !

After the first treatment we get started right away. A denture is always custom-made confirming to the shape of the jaw. This happens by means of impression and bite registration . The practitioner uses a standard alginate. Or digital scan Our own dental laboratory makes a plaster model / printed model of the impression.


" For more information you can always call us. We are happy to help you identify the costs and what your own contribution might be. Please note, with treatment that falls under ‘periodontology’ you will always have to contact your health insurance company first to be sure that you will be reimbursed. "

Broken Denture?

No problem, We will fix it in 30 min

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