DR. Marcela Barreto

University Centre of Faculdades Metropolitana’s Unidas

Specialized In

Cosmetic Dentistry / Invisalign


+ 10 Years


Portuguese / English

Position: General Dentist.

Medical Licenses DHA Unique ID: 77579102  HCCDB(China).No: 20211050006 CRO (Brazil).No: 122900


Bachelor of Dental Surgery by University Centre of Faculdades Metropolitana’s Unidas, 2017

Indirect Esthetic Dentistry by Nash Institute North Carolina USA, June 2019

Dental Pulp Stem Cells by CCB Brasil, June 2016

Invisalign Certified 2022.

Practical experience

In 2016, in my final year of dentistry university, I was accepted in an internship in a renamed dental clinic, participating and learning in a great range of dental and cosmetic procedures. In 2017, after I graduated and got my Brazilian license, I moved to Beijing, China, with my husband. I was immediately hired and started the licensing process, which was approved after a few months. From there I had the opportunity to treat a wealth of patients with varying dental complexity, working closely with a team of specialists where I could learn new techniques and gained valuable experience.

Why did you want to be a dentist?

I had dental anxiety for as long as I remember, so whenever I had an issue with my teeth I would not tell my parents as I was really afraid to go to the dentist. As I grew, I decided that this was something I could change for others with the same feeling as me. I wanted to become a dentist and make a difference. To make people comfortable at their dental visits, so they can be healthy and self-confident.

What (basic) criteria do you think a good dentist should meet?

A good domain over the techniques and keep updating through continuing education. There is a lot of great new technologies emerging and we must offer the best care for the patients. But most importantly, it is to be empathic and remember we don’t just treat teeth, but a person.

What do you think of DentalZorg? What do you think are the benefits of being a client at DentalZorg?

DentalZorg has the best of everything. The best materials, the best technology, the best care, and the best dentists. We are ready to manage all the cases greatly, delivering the best quality service.

Why should clients choose you?

I like to talk and understand clearly what are the patient’s needs, concerns and expectations. Good communication is essential so we can truly address the problems and get the patient confident with the treatments and healthy. I am calm, transparent, and always think in the patient’s best interest.

Do you have any further ambitions, such as a different specialization?

I have. I intend to specialize in orthodontics and cosmetics. I would like to participate in research as well, always aiming for better care.

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