Dental Clinic with Dutch Dentists


The UAE has many cultures and different nationalities. In our clinics, we have a variety of dentists who speak different languages. If the treatment can be explained in your language, we notice that patients feel more comfortable about the treatment. So a high-quality Dental Clinic with Dutch Dentists was established to help you more in UAE (Dubai and Ajman).

Dental Clinic with Dutch Dentists

Dutch dentists trained in high quality in Netherlands universities. In the Netherlands, only university-trained dentists provide dental care. Every 5 years, they are re-examined to prove they still have sufficient skills and knowledge. In comparison to most countries, Dutch dentistry is of very high quality.


Once you have registered at our Dental Clinic with Dutch Dentists, you will be able to make your first appointment. You will normally do this over the phone or through the practice’s website. Generally speaking, you will secure an appointment within a week. However, for emergency services, such as a broken tooth or a pain that cannot wait, you can usually book an appointment within 24 hours.


It's well known that the success of a dental clinic depends solely on the skills, experience, passion, and determination of the staff and dentists. Having the best team is paramount to providing you with the best and safest dental treatments possible. We gather them all! So you have a Dental Clinic with Dutch Dentists next to you that is DentalZorg

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