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By taking an x-ray and examining your tooth, your dentist can usually determine whether or not you’ll need a simple or surgical extraction. There are times when a simple extraction requires a surgical procedure though. For example, if a tooth breaks off during the procedure, your dental professional may need to do a more extensive surgical procedure.

So if you need to get your tooth surgically extracted, you have nothing to worry about. With today's modern procedures and anesthesia, the extraction will provide you with better oral health in the long run. Now you know why teeth need to get extracted and why your dentist might need to perform a surgical extraction. After treatment, you may need to care for your stitches and eat soft or liquid foods. Also, make sure you don't brush the healing area. It's always essential to follow your dentist's instructions after a procedure and call them if you have any persistent pain or bleeding. So if your extraction procedure is coming up, you can feel confident and prepared.

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