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White and shiny teeth with professional laser whitening

Are you not satisfied with your teeth and do you want to change this? The solution for this lies in laser whitening. DentalZorg Dentistry provides the best laser teeth whitening services in the Ajman area and beyond.

Our professional dentists will make sure that your needs are met. We also understand that many people are not happy with their teeth or with the color of their teeth. It has also scientifically been proven that laughing has a positive effect on the general health. So don’t wait any longer and boost your self-confidence by attaining white teeth with laser whitening at DentalZorg Dentistry, Ajman.

Why choose DentalZorg Teeth Whitening in Dubai JLT?


Laser whitening Before & After

My teeth are discolored, what can I do?

Discoloration of the teeth is general occurring phenomenon. The causes for this are diverse. Think about genetics, ageing, foods, drinks like tea and coffee, but also the use of cigarettes.

Other serious causes are diseases, traumas and old fillings. Discoloration of the teeth can easily be restored and improved by means of laser whitening. Laser whiteing is the easiest way to improve the whitenss or your teeth, which again improves your appearance and your look.

Laser whitening, the latest technology

Laser whitening is an efficient method for whitening your teeth. the whitening also lasts longer than other whitening treatments. Laser whitening also is a more durable way of whitening compared to other whitening methods.

The treatments start with a special gel which is applied on your teeth. After this the teeth are lasered. The combination of the gel with the laser technique causes the whitening gel to become penetrated into oxygen, all the way till it has been integrated in the upper layers of your teeth. In short, laser whitening is easy, efficient and long lasting.

1 hour treatment and your teeth stay white!

Because we make used of advanced and modern technology a laser whitening treatment at DentalZorg Dubai takes about 1 hour. After this one-hour treatment your teeth will stay white for years.

The duration of how long this whitening effect stays, depends on how you take care of your teeth. After the treatment, our dentist will provide you with information on how you can do this.

For more information you can always call us. We are happy to help you identify the costs and what your own contribution might be. Please note, with treatment that falls under ‘periodontology’ you will always have to contact your health insurance company first to be sure that you will be reimbursed.

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