What does the dentist do during periodic check-ups?

We invite you every 6 months for the periodical check-ups. During this check-up:
  • The dentist examines the condition of your teeth for cavities and inflammations;
  • The dentist can detect abnormalities and diseases of the teeth at an early stage;
  • If necessary for further observation, the dentist will make x-rays to make a better analysis when one or more cavities are found;
  • A follow up appointment and a treatment schedule will be made by the dentist, if necessary.

Make a follow-up appointment

During the checkup, the dentist can detect a cavity, inflammation or an excess of tartar. A follow-up appointment will be made. In normal dental cases you will stay with the same dentist. The dentist will discuss the follow-up treatment with you in advance and in This gives you peace of mind and you know exactly where you stand.

There are certain situations in which your dentist will have to implement a comprehensive treatment plan. Think of dentures, implants in combination with a crown, bridge or dentures

Prevention is better than cure

It is possible that a hole or tooth decay is not immediately noticeable. You will hardly notice this at all in the short term. If you do not visit the dentist or do not visit it regularly, this can cause a lot of damage in the long term. This increases the chance of inflammation or the loss of molars and teeth. That is why it is important to prevent rather than cure.

It is and remains important to visit the dentist every 6 months. We understand that a visit is not fun for everyone. You can always trust that our dentists always put the care of your mouth first. 

Are you afraid of the dentist or have you had an unpleasant experience? We like to help you. Our specialists are very experienced when it comes to anxious patients. 

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Picture of Dr. S.F. Adalat-Abdoel

Dr. S.F. Adalat-Abdoel

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Modern & advanced dentistry

Just as the fast-moving developments and constructions of the most advanced buildings in Dubai, DentalZorg Dubai is also equipped with modern equipment with the highest standards.

Experience a new world of dentistry in our dental clinic in Dubai. Featuring a aesthetic and beautiful architectural design, we fulfill the classy and innovative style of the JLT area and its environment. We offer our patients high-quality dental services. Experience dentistry 2021 at our DentalZorg Clinic in Dubai.

We own professional management from Europe and provide dental treatments under skilled nurses & highly professional dentists. DentalZorg delivers top-quality services to its clients at best prices.

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Would you like to bring your child to the dentist

Do you want to go to the dentist with your child or children for the first time? Two years is a great age to take your child for the first time. You can come together if you go for a periodic check-up. We have very child-friendly dentists, even when your child is afraid of the dentist. 

Your child can look around in practice at the very first visit and get to know the dentist and the dental assistants. In this way he / she becomes familiar with the environment and with our employees. 

We are happy to help you and your child with this, because a good start is half the battle.

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DentalZorg’s Vision

“Our aim is to make dentistry accessible for everyone; for children, men, women and anxious patients. We provide almost all dental treatments from regular treatments to dentures. You name it, we do it!

All of this happens while have eye for service and quality. We only work with skilled nurses & highly professional dentists. DentalZorg delivers top-quality services to its clients at beneficial prices.

We have a modern high-tech dental clinic near the Sheikh Zayed Road, JLT. We have dental clinis in the Netherlands and UAE. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a question or if you would like to make an appointment or if you would like to register as a new patient in one of our dental centers, Our dentists are happy to help you.

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