Surgical Tooth Extraction

What is a surgical extraction?

The term Surgical tooth extraction refers to the process used to remove teeth that includes additional “surgical” steps that aren’t performed during routine extractions. Routine/”Simple” extraction protocol. These added steps may include:

  • Creating a gum tissue flap. – With this procedure, an incision outlining a section of gum tissue is made. The area of tissue is then reflected (peeled) back, thus providing your dentist with access to the bone tissue and/or tooth that lies underneath.
  • Removing bone (ostectomy) – Trimming away bone tissue may be needed to give your dentist better access to, or a better view of, your tooth. Or it may be required to create an opening through which your tooth is taken out.
  • Tooth sectioning – This is a process where your tooth is cut into pieces (“sectioned”), so it can be removed more easily.

When does a tooth extraction qualify as a surgical extraction?

When one or more of the above techniques are used, the procedure is formally categorized as a “surgical” extraction. Procedures that don’t require any of these steps are termed “simple” extractions. Surgical vs Simple example.

When are surgical extractions needed?

There can be a number of situations where the nature of a tooth’s extraction is expected or discovered to be more complicated or challenging than with routine cases. And as such requires the inclusion of one or more of the above surgical techniques as a means of helping to lessen the complexity, difficulty or risk of the procedure.

A decision to include these additional techniques might be planned, anticipated or even an impromptu event. Situations can include:

  • Severely broken or fragile teeth.
  • Teeth that have extreme root morphology. (For example, especially curved or exceptionally long roots.)
  • Impacted teeth. (Wisdom teeth are a common example.)
  • Dense or inelastic bone tissue surrounding the tooth.
  • Root tip retrieval.

Possible complaints after an extraction

After a tooth has been pulled, the following symptoms may occur:

1. Pain
The anesthetic will be exhausted after one to three hours. It is normal for you to get hurt. As soon as you notice that the anesthetic is running out, you can take a painkiller. Paracetamol, a painkiller that is for sale at the drugstore and pharmacy, is usually preferred. You may also receive a painkiller prescription from your dentist or dental surgeon;

2. After bleeding
Sometimes the wound bleeds after. A trace of blood mixed with saliva is normal. Does the bleeding stop automatically after about two hours? Then place a double bandage gauze or a rolled cotton handkerchief on your wound. Bite about fifteen minutes or press the spot where it is bleeding tightly with your thumb. Doesn’t the bleeding stop? Then contact your dentist or dental surgeon;

3. Fever
C or above? Then contact your dentist or dental surgeon;

4. Swellings
Sometimes the jaw swells. To reduce that swelling, you can cool your face a little immediately after pulling. Put a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and put them in a washcloth. Hold the washcloth against your face where your tooth has been pulled. The swelling can increase for up to three days after the treatment, later turn blue (blood shedding) and then turn yellow. Contact your dentist or dental surgeon if the swelling continues to increase or if you get swallowing symptoms;

5. Inflammation
Does the pain not subside after a few days? Or is it clearly increasing? Do you also get a bad taste in your mouth? Then there may be an inflammation of the wound. In this case it is advisable that you contact one of our dentists in our dental practice in Ajman.

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