Emergency Treatment:

Whether you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, a dental injury, or any other urgent dental issue, our experienced team of specialists and fully equipped rooms and materials is ready to provide immediate care to address your concerns and alleviate your discomfort. you can call Dentalzorg Dubai for reliable emergency dental care. Our dedicated staff are available to assist you when you need it most, ensuring that you receive the attention and relief you deserve.

We are open 7 days a week.

Our services

Impacted Tooth Treatment

Whether it’s an impacted wisdom tooth or another tooth causing discomfort, our skilled professionals have the expertise to address the issue with precision and care. The treatment is also available with Nitrous Oxide in only 20 minutes.

Broken Tooth or Fillings

Experience relief from dental pain and restore your smile with our prompt and reliable repair services for broken teeth and fillings. We can fully aesthetically enhance broken teeth with either composite or zirconium replacement on the same day.

Swollen or Inflamed Tooth Relief

Alleviate discomfort and inflammation associated with swollen or inflamed teeth through our specialized treatment methods designed to promote healing and relieve pain. We have a laser device that allows us to treat abscesses or inflammation immediately and painlessly.

Severe Cavities Treatment

Combat decay and prevent further damage with our comprehensive cavity treatment options, aimed at restoring the health and function of your teeth.

Lost Crowns and Fillings

Restore the integrity of your smile quickly and efficiently with our direct replacement services for lost crowns and fillings, ensuring a seamless and durable solution. Because we have our own lab, you can design your crown and bridge completely according to your wishes.

Direct Replacement of Veneers & Crowns

Enhance your smile with confidence with our direct replacement services for veneers and crowns, using the latest techniques and materials for optimal results.

Extractions and Surgical Extractions:

We have fully equipped rooms and materials specially designed for surgical treatments, from routine extractions to complex surgical procedures in only 20 minutes, we provide safe and effective solutions to remove problematic teeth and preserve your oral health. If it concerns a front element, we can also make an emergency provision on site so that you do not have to walk without teeth. We can also place implants immediately after the extraction. Every treatment is also available with Nitrous Oxide.

Extractions and Surgical Extractions:
Loose Implant

Loose Implants

Address loose or unstable dental implants promptly with our expert care, restoring stability and function to your smile.

transparent braces

Replacement of lost or broken braces or aligners

Did you lose a bracket or lost your twin Block or any other orthodontic braces, no worries. We can replace everything on the same day.

Invisalign aligners for children

Lost Aligners Replacement same day

Did you lose your Aligners; we can also make a new one for you the same day.

Broken Denture Repair in 30 Minutes​

Broken Denture Repair in 30 Minutes​

Don’t let a broken denture disrupt your day. Visit us for quick and reliable denture repair services, completed in just 30 minutes for your convenience.

Lost Denture

Did you lost your denture? No worries, we can make a new denture for you in only 8 hours.

Lost Denture

Latest Technology and Equipment

Benefit from state-of-the-art dental technology and equipment at Dentalzorg Dubai, ensuring precise diagnostics and effective treatment outcomes.

Toothache FAQs

What’s the best over-the-counter toothache medicine? 

The go-to anti-inflammatory medication for toothaches is ibuprofen (Advil). You can take 600-800 milligrams at a time for inflammation over a three-day period, but don’t take it for more than a few days at a time.

Why does my toothache come and go?

Sometimes, pain is responding to a temporary stimulus, like hot, cold, or sugar, as in the case of root sensitivities or cavities. Other times, it might be an abscess flaring up and then healing enough that the pain subsides, even if the infection itself isn’t completely gone.

Cracked teeth also often have acute pain that fades and recurs as the pulp inside the tooth gets irritated or infected, heals, and then gets irritated again.

Can a toothache cause a headache?

Yes. The trigeminal nerve is responsible for carrying messages for almost all toothaches as well as headaches, which often means that toothaches can be directly responsible for headaches. Additionally, we often tense up other areas of the body like the jaw when our teeth hurt, which can lead to headaches. Other problems, like sinus infections, can sometimes radiate as both toothaches and headaches.

When do you need to take an antibiotic for tooth pain?

When your dentist or doctor prescribes it! Typically, you’ll get a prescription antibiotic if your dentist suspects or finds infection.

This is also a common prescription for the period of time before a root canal, in order to get the large infection under control before opening the tooth.

Should I use a hydrogen peroxide mouthwash to get rid of bacteria that’s causing my toothache?

No! Hydrogen peroxide should never be used in the mouth. Peroxide is highly antibacterial, which is actually not a good thing for your oral microbiome in the first place. (That’s the reason It’s not recommended using essential oils in the mouth very often.)  However, the more serious reason you should avoid using hydrogen peroxide in the mouth is the increased risk of oral cancer.

Can toothache go away on its own?

The short answer is yes. In some situations toothache or tooth sensitivity can come and go. If this happens it’s probably a reversible inflammatory response by your tooth. Your relief may be short lived though. Only after a dentist has made a proper diagnosis about the cause of your pain can you potentially avoid further damage and find a permanent pain solution. To get the right treatment you really do need a professional assessment and diagnosis by a dentist.

How much does it cost to treat toothache?

The price of treating toothache varies depending on what is causing the pain. Toothache can be a symptom of something serious, so it is recommended that you see a dentist to check it out. Your dentist will be able to diagnose the cause and advise you about the cost of treatment. When you book online for toothache, simply select an appointment for toothache or emergency.

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