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Almost everyone will have to deal with an extraction of one or more wisdom teeth at some point in their life. Why do these molars need to be pulled so much more often than regular teeth? And what is the best age to get them pulled?

When wisdom teeth erupt

Wisdom teeth generally erupt when people are between the ages of 18 and 24. However, for many people it happens that they do not get through completely or at all. A lack of space is often a cause of this, as is a wrong breakthrough direction or obstruction by the molar in front of it. When this is the cause, it can cause problems.

Consequences of a pressing wisdom tooth

If the tooth is crooked in the jaw, it can press against the tooth in front of it, causing damage. If the wisdom tooth only partially erupts, keeping it clean becomes a lot more difficult. This can lead to very annoying inflammation. In the case of a partial breakthrough, there is also a small piece of gum over the tooth. This then easily becomes inflamed and can even lead to an abscess.

Have your wisdom tooth extraction at DentalZorg Dubai

It probably goes without saying that the aforementioned problems can be very annoying, painful and even dangerous. If these problems occur, the affected wisdom tooth will have to be extracted. A dentist or oral surgeon may also choose to remove one or more wisdom teeth as a precaution. They are often able to assess well in advance which choices will cause problems in the future.

Do you suffer from your wisdom teeth? Or do you notice that your wisdom teeth are coming through and would you like to know what effect this has on your teeth? Then don’t wait too long and discuss it with one of our dentists. This way you know for sure where you stand and possible complications can be prevented. Extracting a wisdom tooth can be a lot more complex than extracting a normal tooth. Our dental specialists will provide each situation with a personal approach.

Together with the patient, the advantages and disadvantages of removing the molars are weighed up. This is always done in consultation with you. It is often decided at a fairly young age to have this pulled, since the jawbone recovers better in people younger than 25 years.

The dentist can determine what needs to be done by means of X-rays. If the chance of an infection is high or if the wisdom tooth is close to a nerve, the dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon in some cases. You will receive a referral letter to ensure that you can be helped as quickly as possible.

DentalZorg Dubai Dental Clinic

Extraction in seconds

DentalZorg Premium Dental Clinic in Dubai, JTL is a high-end dentistry clinic. We use the best dental technologies. For dental extractions we use exotic high-end equipment due to which we can perform dental extractions quickly and painlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wisdom tooth extraction is advised when these teeth may cause dental problems, such as overcrowding, misalignment, or infection. Our dentists will perform an examination and X-rays to determine if extraction is necessary for your case.

Your wisdom teeth are your last set of adult teeth to grow in. They usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25, but not everyone has them. You might need to have your wisdom teeth removed if they cause pain, infection or other oral health issues. 

Wisdom teeth that grow partway through the gums also can get cavities, which can’t be fixed with fillings and therefore must be removed. Crowd nearby teeth. If wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to grow in properly, they may crowd or damage nearby teeth.

At DentalZorg Dutch Dental Clinic, the procedure is performed with local anesthesia or nitrous oxide for comfort. Our experts utilize advanced techniques to ensure a safe and efficient extraction process. 

Recovery time varies per individual but generally takes a few days. We provide comprehensive aftercare instructions to ensure a smooth recovery. 

As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks, but complications are rare due to our highly skilled professionals and state-of-the-art equipment. Your dentist will discuss any specific risks before the procedure. 

The cost varies depending on the complexity of the case. We offer competitive pricing and accept various insurances. Please contact us for a detailed quote. Starting is 1500 AED.

One of the most common signs of wisdom teeth eruption is a dull ache or soreness near the back of the jaw. Impacted wisdom teeth can put pressure on the surrounding teeth and jaw bones. This discomfort may initially be intermittent but can become more frequent and intense as the teeth continue to emerge. 

Below are some at home tips that may help alleviate wisdom teeth pain while awaiting removal from a dentist. 

  1. Over-the-counter Ibuprofen for wisdom teeth pain. … 
  1. Apply an Ice Pack. … 
  1. Use over-the-counter Numbing Gel. … 
  1. Saltwater Swish and Rinse. … 
  1. Clove Oil/ Clove Buds. … 
  1. Make an Essential Oils and Vanilla Extract Soak or Rinse. 

Applying a cold compress on the painful area is the best way to minimize pain, swelling, and tenderness. Buy an ice pack from the drug store or make one yourself by wrapping ice in a towel or plastic bag. The cold pack will numb the area and stop the wisdom teeth from hurting. 

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