Dentist in Zaandam

DentalZorg in Zaandam is the third dental practice in the Netherlands and also our biggest dental clinic. Zaandam is known for her industrial character. Most of the biggest companies in the Netherlands are based in Zaandam. In a city like this, DentalZorg can’t stay behind.

Our dental practice in Zaandam is located in the city-centre and five minutes away from the central station. Our dental practice in Zaandam is equipped with 16 rooms for treatments. We also have a department for orthodontics for our dentists for orthodontics and we have our own dental laboratory for manufacturing dentures, crowns and bridges.

BIG registered dentists

Safety, high-quality services and trustworthy are values which are very important for us. That’s why DentalZorg Netherlands only works with dentists and dental specialists who are BIG- registered. The BIG register is a Dutch database in which all health workers are recorded who are officially accepted. In this way, only those who are registered are entitled to perform their profession.

Dentistry in the Nederlands

In the Netherlands the dentist is visited regularly. Most of the time for dental check-ups and teeth cleaning treatments. But also for bigger and more intensive treatments, like complete extractions and crowns on implants.

Being active in the capital city of the Netherlands necessitates to have enough dental capacity i.e. the best specialists. DentalZorg Netherlands has a team of around 70 dental specialists which includes dentists, dental hygienists, implantologists, anesthetists, prevention assistants, dental technicians, orthodontics and periodontists. You name it, we have it!

Own advanced dental laboratory

We have two dental laboratories in the Netherlands in which our dental technicians measure, manufacture and repair dentures, crown and bridges daily. In the Netherlands there are not many dental clinics who have their own dental laboratory. For this reason, dental clinics like this almost always have to refer patients to other organizations which do have a dental laboratory. Within DentalZorg there is no such a thing; we offer almost all dental treatments under one roof. Having our own dental laboratory also means that we can help you quicker than others.

Overview Dental Services Zaandam

Experienced and Qualified BIG dentists are at your service

DentalZorg Dentistry in Zaandam only works with BIG-registered dentists and specialists. The BIG-register (Ministry of Health) is a BIG license for medical professionals. The register was established on the basis of the Healthcare Professions Act. Only those who are registered in the register are authorized by law to use this protected title. DentalZorg also wants to secure the professionalism and high-quality dental care by only working with those dentists who are BIG registered.

Picture of Dr. S.F. Adalat-Abdoel

Dr. S.F. Adalat-Abdoel

Chef de Clinique

Meet our modern dental clinic in Zaandam

DentalZorg's Mission

“Our aim is to make dentistry accessible for everyone; for children, men, women and anxious patients. We provide almost all dental treatments from regular treatments to dentures. You name it, we do it!

All of this happens while have eye for service and quality. We only work with skilled nurses & highly professional dentists. DentalZorg delivers top-quality services to its clients at beneficial prices.”

Our clinic in Zaandam is provided with 16 treatment rooms and three floors. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to register as a patient or make an appointment. Our clinic in Zaandam is located in the centre near central station. Our dentists are happy to help you.

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