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DentalZorg delivers more than dentistry alone. We also stand for innovation and modern dentistry. With modern technology and 3D design software we are able to show you your future teeth before starting any treatment. This to make sure that you get the smile you desire and deserve. Digital Smile Design is quite a new developed service which it not yet provided by all dental clinics. This service is facilitated in our clinic in Dubai by our dental specialists.

What is a digital smile design?

Digital Smile Design is considered the most modern technique through which the dentist can make new designs of the teeth by way of editing digital photos. By using photos and videos the face- and teeth proportions of the patient are analyzed and the relations between teeth, gums, lips and smile is brought into light.

Based on this, digital drawings are made of the ideal situation of the teeth. This is used by the dental technician to design a model of the best set of teeth for the patient. Because of the visual elements, the patients can think along and partly design his own teeth together with the dentist.

Why a smile design?

A lot of people are not fully satisfied about their teeth. Although they do affirm that having nice teeth and a bright smile are very important for them. The threshold which stops them from taking any action is the unfamiliarity with the end result of the treatment. Not knowing the outcome and not seeing yourself with your new teeth is one of the reasons for staying away from the dentist. All of this belongs to the past with the arrival of the Digital Smile Design which show the patient their results way before the actual treatment.


Benefits Smile Design

  1. Discuss your needs and wishes with the dentist and see their results immediately in your own mouth.
  2. All specialists work together to achieve you digital smile design which causes all of them locking together seamlessly.
  3. Accurate approach of the end result; The smile design stays central during all stages. The digital smile design already takes possible gum corrections or other changes into account.
  4. Efficient and trustworthy; The digital small design has been proven to be very accurate and trustworthy which simply means ‘what you see, is what you get.

Steps of a Digital Smile Design in Dubai JLT

In his consultation we will discuss your wishes and needs and we will have a look at the current state of your teeth and also if there are complications which need to be solved at first hand. Some sketches also will be made which will be converted into a treatment plan. During this consultation the dentist gets to know you better and vice versa. An overview of the costs will also be imbedded in the treatment plan.

To make a realistic and trustworthy design, it is necessary to make high-quality photos and videos from different angles in order to have enough input for a complete and accurate digital smile design. This will also allow us to observe your smile in movement and stationary position and gives us information in the required changes. After attaing the  visuals needed we can start together with designing your smile.

The final digital smile design shall be converted into a wax-up and then into a replica model (mock-up) by means of which the patient can visualize the final results in real live. This is also the point where revisions can be made by the patient. When this design is approved by you, it will guide the remaining step of your treatments dependent on the type of treatment. No further steps are taken without the consent and approval of the patient.

The treatment will start after approval of the mock-up from the side of the patient. The type of treatment can vary for each patients as well as the costs. Your Digital Smile Design will have a leading role during the treatment. All specialists will carry out their part of the treatment in line with your design. In this way, it can be guaranteed that what you approved for in step three will also be the outcome of the treatment.

Teeth Whitening do what they say they do, they whiten your teeth. They are the best solutions for stains, yellowing caused by food, drinks or tobacco. DentalZorg offers you the wide choice of doing Zoom Whitening, Laser and Natural Whitening. 

Any cosmetic treatment is based on several factors that are most important to you and to the health of your teeth. Our Dental experts in Ajman will help you decide which treatments suits the best for your situation. Your smile is valuable to us.

“Digital dentistry is the new dentistry. A world in which technology play a key role. Come and experience the world of new dentistry in our dental clinics across the globe.”

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