Teeth straightening

Today I am writing about an interesting topic, straight teeth.
Many people want their teeth to be beautiful and straight. Your face and therefore your teeth is the first thing people look at. Nowadays you read advertisements everywhere about metal brackets braces and transparent braces. The transparent braces are known as Invisalign.
Invisalign is a brand that has stood for results for more than 25 years and this is also where most scientific results are based.
I will briefly explain what both bracket types entail.

1. Metal brackets: called brackets

These are metal locks that are stuck to the teeth and where an arch is strung. You have to come back every month to replace the arches. This changes the position of the teeth and makes them stand straight.
If this monthly adjustments are not done, no displacement will occur.
Average treatment duration: 18-24 months


Teeth alignment
Aesthetics, some people like to have different color rubber bands every month


Motivation ; every month come for renewing the arches.
Sometimes locks can come loose, which costs an extra visit to the dentist.
In the beginning this can cause a lot of headaches because of the pressure. You can then take a painkiller to feel better.
Getting used to it in speaking, eating and daily oral health rituals

2. Transparent braces, Invisalign SMART SYSTEM

As the word says, this bracket is transparent.
Based on the situation, there are 3 different gradations with treatment durations.

A: simple case: 2-3 months
B: moderate case: 7-9 months
C: extended case: 12-24 months


1. Comfortable: easy to wear. You can take it out if you have to eat
2. transparent, no one who sees that you have braces on
3. determine the treatment direction yourself.
4. Habituation is easy
5. Invisalign is scientifically proven excellent


1. Therapy faithfulness – you have to wear it well yourself otherwise there is no result.

If you are interested in 1 of these types of braces, please contact us for questions and treatment. We are open to inform you which treatment suits you better and to guide you in this.